im stressed :(

cant talk to Gary til wednesday when i see him. i have to be 100% packed by tomrorow because i wont have time to grab anything on the way out the door to garys, since no phone to wake me. I just know im going to forget something.
and i was hoping i would have my period last week or next week but noooo it had to come this week to ruin my trip to SF :(
checked my phone this morning and the light is off.... so it died completely last night. im suffering from withdrawals, i swear.
i need something to eat up some time, so i dont panic and stress.
not to mention!! going on trips gives me panic attacks and makes me sick..... physically sick, sooooo this trip to SF is HIGHLY stressful. PLUS no phone so, no netflix for Kado. HOW WILL I ENTERTAIN HIM ON THE 50min BUS RIDE!!!!!

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