Need some ideas

So with logan hitting preschool in 2.5months i need to get him to at least write his name.
I have already have been having him trace letters on the ipad. I have also been using the ipad for memory games too.
Now logan knows his abcs but cant recognize letters, he cant count to 15. He knows animals sounds.
On top of this i need him to stop drinking from straw cups. Yes he is capable as he will be 4 but he loves to smash his food in regular cups and he cant do that in school. I also need to get his compitve side of wanting to be first under control along with his severe attitude as he dont know when to turn it off unlike haiden who knows when to turn his attitde on and off.

Also with haiden starting first grade in that time frame as well i need him to get adding and counting. I need his hand writing to get better and this is all what his teacher said. He also needs to be reading better.

So with two kids in different grades and the ipad has a few things on for each. What are other ways.

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