SO spooky, gave me chills

Don't read this if you get spooked too easily... WAY creepier than I expected.

    im that girl that had to read them all! i do believe kids see things though. my son is a prime example because i have had several encounters of him saying or doing something out of the norm.

    Ex 1: one day i was putting him to bed and about 30 min later he came walking out of them room. and i asked "whats wrong?" he replied, "theres a man with a white shirt in my room" my heart stopped for a minute and i asked him again. he repeated "theres a man in my room, come here mommy ill show you" so i went to his room and he said, "its too late now. he was right here (pointing in front of his closet) and he went around and around and around and disappeared!" he slept in my room for about 4 months after that.. lol
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