Family Resemblance...

I was thinking about my hair, and mostly being annoyed that someone said I looked exactly like a picture of my mom they saw on Facebook...I was trying to think of a way that my relatives look the same...all I came up with, other than our eyes, is our hair. The vast majority of us are brunette with red highlights (though my youngest brother is a carrot top!) I came upon this picture from my wedding, with Myself, my mom, granny and dad, and all of our hair has that red tone in it, even my dad's.

Granted, my younger brother's hair only barely has the highlights, but they are there!

What are some ways your family looks alike?

Family Resemblance...Family Resemblance...Family Resemblance...
    8Theresa Gould
    My sisters and I look quite a lot alike. It depends on who you ask....some will say we look like mom (my dad always said his girls were good looking like their mother!) and others say we look like dad.

    We get a lot of comments on how much our children look alike.
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