Finding a New Pediatrician/Family Doctor

Gotta love the "New Doctor Search" that comes in the package of "Moving"...Nina's going to be 15 months old on my husband's birthday, so I'm trying to find a good doctor for her here for that appointment, and luckily this is a Military Area so -most- doctors seem to accept my stupid insurance...but rrrhhhghghghhhggg....trying to find a GOOD one!

Maybe I'm just silly...What do I base my choice off of?
~What their specialty is
~The general consensus or reviews about them and their office
~How close by their office is to our home
~If they accept Tri-care
~I know this one is silly, but what they look like. Both of Nina's past doctors were very friendly looking women, and they really were very nice. I don't care about race, gender, etc., but I dunno...are they super serious in their photo? Are the mean looking? Are they over-the-top happy looking? I dunno...something about the portrait on their site matters lol

Do you ladies choose a doctor differently?

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      Poor Tristen with moving several times and insurance changes he has had so many doctors. I have a rule that if he doesn't like them we don't go he had a doctor nightmare so that doesn't help. I visit their websites and make an appointment for him to meet the new doc where he's not getting any shots. I always make sure I ask questions I already know the answer to just to see if the doc knows what they are talking about. If Tristen seems nervous or like he doesn't like the doc then we find a new one. Unless it's just nervousness about the shots. Also I look up reviews of the doc or the office and see what other people have to say.
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