Mom's who were children of the 80's

I was born in '77 but I don't remember any of the 70's. To me, childhood was the 80's and some of the 90's too.

I was reading this list of things "You know you grew up in the 80's" and I had to laugh. I was nodding to each and every one of them!

Would you add anything to the list?

    Hey I'm a '77 baby too :-) lol

    I totally remember all of those things! Great times! I remember that I looked just like Punky Brewster...and we lived in california so people were always buggin me...if only we still looked like each other now. Someone told me a few years ago that I look like what Punky Brewster SHOULD look like as an adult. Lol

    the 80's rock! If I could get away with wearing tie dye shirts and acid wash jeans I totally would...throw in some high tips and leg warmers and I'm good to go party...walk around all night saying things like "totally tubular" "totally rad" and "like for real like dude" all the while blowing bubbles with my Hubba Bubba bubble gum! Lol
      Oh I remember that one! Me and my sister totally tried to be valley girls and thought we were cheerleaders even though we've never cheered for anything! Lol
      When we moved to Oregon we used to say that everything "could totally make me barf" they looked at us like we were just disgusting! Lol
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