first birthday

ok my sons first birthday is coming up. we got invites and are planning a cake but my question is how into this birthday do we need to go? what did everyone else do? when i celebrated with my daughter we hid in the corner of my room with a small cake and i softly sang her happy birthday an gave her a stuffed bear. i have no pictures and to be honest it isnt the happyest memory that i have so i really want this to be great for my son. any help would be nice. thank you

    Are doing a smash cake for him and a big cake or cupcakes for others? Do you have a theme for the party?
    Sounds fun! I'm gonna make a smash cake for my daughter and a big cake for guest.
      8Theresa Gould
      We didn't do much for first birthdays or any birthday for that matter. Simple, with or without extended family, cake or cake and a meal and gifts, that's about it. It wasn't until the past few years we've started to take them out for breakfast, and this year we have taken them to a movie or the mall.
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