Help! Jury Duty Tomorrow

So the very much dreaded day of jury duty is tomorrow. I'm curious if any of you have done this friend told me since I'm at stay a home mom who breast feeds and doesn't have anyone to watch my baby to just show up with her. I mean I really don't have any other option...any one else done this before?! This gets my nerves going and I'm trying to chill out because I've had bad vertigo the past 4 days and it has finally gone away today.

lol Well here is the thing.. my Dad always reminds me that everyone complains about the Judicial system typically.. then when a time rolls around that they are called for jury duty, meaning a chance to see the inner working and the real process to some extent, people always want out of it.. it honestly is neat to be part of.. heck I used to sit in on HUGE trials when my Dad was a Judge, it's beyond fascinating.. at least to me! It's a Civic duty that I wish more people would take more pride in I guess :)
    I did jury duty and I was happy to do it because it was during work hours and my employer still paid me for those missing work hours. It was the first time, and I was 2nd to the last to be chosen on the jury. It's interesting deliberating with others from different walks of life and to see where they draw their frames of reference.

    I hope you are able to give it a try sometime and that your schedule works out somehow with childcare.
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