Rant of the day..

Dear.. Guy who was driving next to me TEXTING AND EATING A BURGER.. are you kidding me? Pull over and accomplish both tasks before you get someone in an accident with yourself!

Nothing urks me more than seeing people being distracted drivers!

Do you have a rant of the day, Moms?

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      Oooh....my rants of the day?

      Dear Construction Workers on the Road:
      ~Please put up a sign warning us more than 5 seconds into your entire road blockage that we're going to have to join 5 other cars and more incoming off the highway in an awkward and totally illegal back-up-and-turn-to-drive-around-some-other-street to get around the blocked off street maneuver. Also: Having a "watch for workers" sign does not mean you should RUN OUT INTO THE DAMN ROAD 2 lanes away and across the street from your work-site, where there are no signs, and then get ticked at the semi truck that almost hits you.

      Dear guy in Navy NWU's sitting at the bank waiting for an appointment:
      ~Yes, I dared to bring a One year old into the bank with me, and no, I don't have any other alternative to it, so stop your constant death-glaring. She's behaving. She's babbling semi-quietly, but she's not being bad at all. Everyone else in here either doesn't care, keeps their opinion and eyes to themselves, or thinks it's damn cute. Thank your lucky stars that she IS this happy while I'm restraining her and not letting her run free around the bank to mess up your day further.
      (Sidenote: Thank you to everyone else in the bank for not being a dillhole and especially to the bank teller who had my stuff done in no time at all!)
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