Put ON that stinkin SWIM SUIT, MOMS!

Oh gosh.. I love everything about this.. maybe we should all read it daily throughout the warm weather months too.. because every drop this Mama shared in this article is TRUE! The second we let our own insecurities about how we feel in a swimsuit with our post baby bodies starts to define us.. WE miss out and our KIDS miss out.. you start to take the sidelines, cover up, opt out of the fun memories.. for what? Because your tummy is a little fluffier because you MADE A HUMAN BEING.. because your legs aren't as quite svelt because you HOISTED A BELLY AROUND FOR 9 MONTHS.. honestly.. the more we learn to love ourselves, our kids will see it and love life all the more!

So jump in that suit, jump in the pool, throw them in the air, build the sand castle, splash in the waves.. if you are worried what another Mom might think looking at you.. I can tell you what they will look at.. not your body, but your actions.. and goodness you will be happy!

Mamas.. weigh in.. did you need this boost too?


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