Done. Finito.

So.. I'll say it out loud (ish). My mother has an addiction to the internet, more specifically chat rooms. Not trying to be funny. It does exist and people who suffer from it are very much like any other addict.

Ruining relationships
Loss of personal hygiene
Spending money they often don't have to ensure that it remains in their life
Extremely defensive
Schedules & routines are out the window
Change of attitude
Change of eating habits
Absolutely and totally dishonest

Sound like any addicts you know? My older brothers have no relationship with her because of it. It's the reason she left my father. I've been embarrassed about it for 17 years. When I had Charlie I really thought things might change. I even moved her up here so she could be closer to him. I really thought it would change.

Tonight was the final straw. We dropped Charlie off at her house so we could go work on the rental. Soon afterwards he got called in to work so I went back over to pick up Charlie.

I can't stomach it. How many times I've had to wait my turn so she could finish her chat, not able to even talk to her on the phone because of the constant type clicking in the background and her not paying attention to a word I'm saying. Do what you will to me.. I'm a big girl. But my kid?

She's been warned about it. The computer can be on if she wants to show Charlie the babytv channel on youtube. That's all. When she's babysitting she is not to be on chat. Period. For any reason.

So I walk into the house to let her know I'm there to get Charlie and she's on chat. Music blaring out of the speakers so loud that I can hear it from outside the house, but I assumed it was the neighbors. And there's my kid. The most - the ONLY - important being in my life sitting in his stroller next to her crying his eyes out. And she's typing.

I told her 5 times that the bf was called in to work and I was going to get Charlie and go home.. and the whole time she's typing away. She never even acknowledged that I was there to get him.

I'm done. It may seem like I'm over reacting. If you have never been part of this it does sound silly that someone could possibly be "addicted" to this. But it's very real. And I am very done. Thank you for listening.

    Wow Alissa.. I'm so so sorry.. I would never belittle this as an addiction.. I totally believe what she is consumed by.. I'm just so sorry it's taking it's toll on you all the way it is.. I think it's brave and great that you are done with the antics, and that you aren't going to tolerate it anymore. I hope she finds some help or comes to realize what she is missing out on.
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