2 1/2 months pregnant: your changing body

During the next few weeks, your uterus will grow significantly in size. By eight weeks it is the size of a medium orange and by 10 weeks the size of a small grapefruit. It cannot be felt through your abdominal wall because it is still behind your pubic bone.

By the end of first trimester 25 percent of your cardiac output will be directed to the uterus to cope with the demand of the placenta and baby. ( in the non-pregnant state the uterus receives about two percent of the total amount of blood).

You will start to become aware of differences in the way your body is functioning. You will already have noticed that you need to urinate more frequently as a result of your kidneys working much harder to filter your blood more efficiently.

One of the first things you may notice is that your skin is either more acne prone or drier than usual, due to your high progesterone level. Many women also develop spidery red lines called spider nevi on their legs and across their upper chest. These are small blood vessels in the skin that have expended due to the increased production of estrogen. They usually fade away after pregnancy and are nothing to be alarmed about.

During your 2 2/1 months pregnancy you will probably have noticed that your vaginal discharge has increased. This is due to the secretion of a watery substance which mixes with cells that are being shed from the vaginal walls. Normally this discharge is mucus-like and is usually clear or sometimes milky colored. It may stain your underwear but it should not be the source of any discomfort. If the discharge becomes yellow, develops an offensive odor, or causes your symptoms of itching or soreness, see your physician.

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