Been very long since I've visited this site!

Life has been busy with two munchkins :) The girls are doing great and have bonded. Ella is in love with her baby sister. She loves to feed her and sing to her. Having two is twice the fun! So glad that we did it!

Been very long since I've visited this site!
    Thanks! :D Everyone is doing great! The husband and Ella are very helpful. I was induced with Grace at 41 weeks. I had an epidural so I didn't feel much pain. It was after that messed me up! My body was aching and how much it hurt to pee lol I forgot about all that fun stuff. I pushed Grace out with 5 pushes. Very awesome since Ella took an hour of pushing! The lack of sleep was torture. Now she is a pretty good sleeper. The swing we got for Grace is a life saver. Helps with her gas! So doing pretty good :)
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