YAY :3

Well Lithys' checkup/physical went well. She is in the 99 percentile for her height. Crazy! she is only 9 months and close to half my height already! haha. And a little bit ago, I was rubbing orajel on her gums and felt the sharpness of a little tooth coming through! At first, a few days ago, I was unsure if it came up or not, but now I know for sure! Exciting! :3 How long does it usually take for the tooth to fully grow in?

    Yes she is doing great! and yeah, she finally let me see her tooth about 5mins ago... lol. all i did was make a funny noise while putting orajel on her, and it has definitly cut!! :3 and she was pretty grumpy, but she is so happy today! And i hope it fully grows in soon! But i also kinda want it to wait... she gets this huge gummy grin and it's heartmelting and unfortunatly, i have no pics of it....lol.
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