Uterine Fibroid

Having gone to the lake and swam and enjoyed much more physical activity than usual, I didn't think much of having some pain in my right abdomen. When it lasted more than 24 hours though, I promptly called my mother and had her take me to the ER. They did a lot of bloodwork (my first IV) and I got my first ultrasound at 15 weeks.
It was such an overwhelming relief to see my baby swimming around and hear that little heartbeat. I definitely cried a bit.
The findings were a 6.4 x 5.5 x 5.4 cm fibroid partially calcified posterior to the placenta. Its a big hunk of muscle where a bunch of cells decided to gang up and grow together on my uterus. While they assured me it isn't immediately a danger to my baby they did not give me any hint as to whether or not I will find any relief from the pain. Which I would describe as severe menstrual cramps combined with bloating and constipation.
I will have a follow up with my OB in two days to look further at the baby itself and hopefully find some relief or explanation as to whether or not I just have to suffer through this for the next 7 months.

Here are some photos from the ultrasound:

Uterine FibroidUterine Fibroid
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