Summer reminder -- do not leave kids in the car!

It never ceases to amaze me how often this happens. In this case, while the dad's story is somewhat in question, this is not completely uncommon. He supposedly forgot his baby was in the car so he didn't drop him off at daycare. Have you known anyone who leaves their kid in the car "for just a minute"? Never leave them!…

    My mom did it to us all the time, even in summer when it was hot. She'd run into the bank, or the grocery store, or go inside the gas station. We were allowed to crack the doors or the windows (cars still had the roll-thing back then lol) but to never, EVER talk to anyone...this didn't stop us from occasionally getting out though and just wandering around.

    Though I would never forget or leave Nina in the car. How can I, when my entire life right now pretty much revolves around her and her needs? Even if it didn't?
      9Michelle Fritch
      That's a big no-no. I don't even leave them in the car for even a few seconds alone. I'm the type of person that gets worried easy and would be so worried about my kids that I wouldn't be able to function.
        It is so so so sad and tragic to hear these stories. I always think "I would never ever forget a kid in the car" but I'm sure most of the people that this happens to would have said the same exact thing. Our minds are so all over the place and there is so much going on - it's a quick mistake that has HORRIBLE implications :'(
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