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I am on the left of my profile photo, my head midwife Peggy in the middle and my son at age 2 on the right.

    Great photo!! Are you still friends with your midwife I assume?? How often does she get to see your son?
    I am FB friends with her. This was at a party they held for all the birth moms they helped the age range was from birth to three years. She may see thing I post on FB but in person not often at all. They are always busy with new moms. As more and more moms want to be in control of their birth and not have some doctor cut the baby out to save time. My active labor and pushing time totaled 17hours! I know some impatient male doctor would have cut me. I am glad I did it at home and would again.
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    a single mom, homeschooler, messianic jewish believer. I would have been married 7 years this July 7th, unfortunately it is no more.