Preschool teaching aids: Wiki Sticks

Wiki Sticks are AWESOME, and something my Mom uses a lot when teaching. She works at a school for dyslexic children, so they have a lot of children that have trouble reading, and need some different teaching methods than they would normally get in a public school. I don't specifically remember doing anything with them when I was young, but I'm sure I did - I do remember when my brother was little though!

We used Wiki sticks to create shapes and have him identify them, and then later to have him create the shapes, numbers, and letters.

For those unfamiliar with Wiki Sticks, they are thin, flexible sticks that are just a little bit sticky. They will hold onto each other, onto an upright surface, or a fridge but come back up/apart pretty easily (they do leave a small residue, so we'd often use some wax paper as a barrier). They are tons of fun and a great way to inspire creativity.

Did you ever play with Wiki Sticks?

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    WHAT?!?!? Was it a national chain or somewhere local??? That's such an awesome idea!
      8Theresa Gould
      Our children loved Wiki Sticks when we have had them.
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