Baby sleep problems pt 2....SUCCESS!

A few days ago, I posted on the issues of Lithia falling asleep. Well, yesterday her DR. told me to let her cry it out since I have tried everything else. Yesterday, for her 2nd nap of the day, I did it. Me and Michael( my husband) layed in bed while she was in her crib. She was upset cause she was exhausted and we weren't picking her up. Well, after an hour of her crying and stuff, she finally fell asleep on her own. It made me feel better about the situation because i was still there with her, and i didn't just leave her by herself. Well, when it came to bedtime, she got a bath, nighttime orajel, a bottle, and motrin( I was using tylenol, and the dr said to use motrin because it lasts longer). Well, I rocked her and bounced her for a couple miniuts, not long. I layed her down while she was still kind of awake, and she fell right to sleep! And she woke up like once, kind of made a disgruntled noise, but got herself back to sleep no problem! She slept from 11:30pm to 9:45am. Im so excited! I hope it stays this way! She is so happy today, probably because she got the rest she needed, and also, she took an additional nap of 2 hours. Her naps usually are 30min-1hr if she sleeps in the crib. When she naps in the crib with me, they are 2hrs long, but this nap was in the crib. I think too that she is feeling better because her tooth finally cut through.

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    That's amazing!! I'm so glad it is working for you - I hope it continues to work and only gets easier for you!
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