Sunburnt! Help!

I don't usally burn this bad! I'm fair skin and hair (naturally) I'll usally get a little red and it fades, I can't tan! Never could! Untill yesterday that is, we went to a beach and stayed for an hour or so and I'm so burnt! My belly, boobs and chest are now itching like no other, I've been using aloe and laying I front of a fan. Only helps for a minute any one have an home remedies for the horrible itch?!?

Nikki Hicks
    Take tylenol! I know it sounds crazy but I promise it will work. Advil will work as well but tylenol is the best. It is a fever and pain reducer so it will take the heat and sting out of it. I have super white skin and this is the only thing that helps. Normally 12-24 hours on tylenol and I'm good.
      Vinegar helps me with the itch...witch hazel helps as well.
        I put CJ's Spritz on my sunburn and I love it. You could probably make some yourself - the ingredients are olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. They add in some essential oils to make it smell nice too.

          Not sure if you have any 100%pure essential oils on hand if so you can make an organic spray that is soothing when stored in fridge: here's a lil recipe:
          4-6oz of pure aloe vera gel, (moisturizing and soothing)
          8-10 drops of lavender essential oil (pain reliever and anti-inflammatory)
          3-5 drops of peppermint essential oil. (Helps with cooling down)
          10 drops of vitamin E oil ( will help restore , soothe and repair skin damage)
          Spray bottle
          Mix together and store in fridge spray a few times a day or when painful/itchy
          Organic unprocessed coconut oil is also great to rub or spray on your body.

          Not into essential oils:
          Some things I've read before about burns aside from aloe vera gel are
          1. Using Potato to heal it. If you take a raw potato and strategy it or even slice it trying to release as much of natural juices as you can(even place in processor if you have one to create a paste. Dip a gauze cloth and place all over burned area to soothe burning. 2. You can also make a paste with cornstarch/baking and water. Add just enough water (not warm or hot) to create a paste like and cover yourself with it. Could get a little messy but supposed to be helpful. 3 An old remedy is an oatmeal bath. Of course not a hot or warm but not cold and get a tube sock or any sock and place about a cup or 2 of rolled oats in it and tie or knot the sock to keep oatmeal inside. Let the sock soak in tub and after several minuted wring the sock to squeeze out the milky oatmeal liquid and wok in tub for a few minutes being sure to cover all burned areas. Just don't stay in tub for a long bath to keep from drying out your skin.
          You can put aloe vera gel is a spray bottle and spray yourself. I've heard the same could be done with unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

          Hope these can be somewhat helpful. Big hugs and wishes speedy healing.
            have you tried soaking a towel with black tea then applying to your skin, then take a cool shower to rinse off. Apply lotion and aloe after.
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