Yes, My toddler sleeps through the night

Avery is generally a pretty good sleeper. We put her down at the same time every night with basically the same routine. Now that it's summer we have a little trouble with her waking up early and being hard to put to sleep. We have blackout blinds but the light still gets in her room. We're also a lot more active so I think it's harder to wind down.

For the most part though, she's sleeping from 8pm to 6:30-7am

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    Be careful!!! Whenever I post something like this I end up with a horrific night. It's like we jinx ourselves sometimes!!

    So glad she sleeps well for you. Did you do any kind of sleep training with her, or were you just lucky?
    Oh crap! I take it back! I take it back! LOL

    We did the cry it out since she was about 4 months old. Basically it's rock and cuddle then lay down. We wait 5 minutes and go back in if she's still crying. Cuddle again, lay down for 7 minutes, go back in, cuddle, lay down for 10 min. If she's still up after 10 minutes we take a break and go play or read a book for a bit. Then we start all over. It's pretty rare for her to not be asleep by the end of it though.
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      My toddler, well preschooler now, sleeps through the night too and has with no sleep training or crying it out. Up until last March/April I nursed him to sleep and he slept through the night. now hubby usually puts him and his brother down and they both sleep through the night. It's nice. On occasion they talk in their sleep or wake up to go to the bathroom or the occasional dream.
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