Preschool decorations for Halloween

I know Halloween isn't anytime soon, but I was browsing through the expertise topics and saw this question that hadn't been answered at all yet. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, so I thought it needed some love.

Some of our favorite preschool activities are making a spider and spider web shirt from puffy paint and handprints (I blogged a tutorial here:

We also make ghosts from toilet paper and toilet paper rolls, or jumbo sized ones from paper towels and paper towel roles. I also love making fun halloween themed snacks - a tangerine or mandarin orange with a tiny slice of celery in the top looks just like a miniature pumpkin!

What fun decorations, crafts, or foods do you make with your children?

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    8Theresa Gould
    We don't do Halloween decorations, just fall. Leaves, turkeys, pilgrims...
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