What do you teach your children about...

What do you teach them about being likeable?

I have taught mine manners and social etiquette such as not being bossy and taking turns. But the rest is personality, I think. I would say most children have likeable personalities as long as they mind their manners.

How about you? What have you taught your kids?

    8Theresa Gould
    Treating people the way they want to be treated. Thinking of others before themselves.
      I have taught Erik's kids mindfulness. They used to be all about "I want, Can I have...". Before we head to the store, I remind them what we're getting, and if I can spare a dollar or few dollars for both or each, I'll let them know they can pick something out for the family to share. I let them know that it's not okay to always ask/assume they'll get what they want.

      I teach them to share food. Nothing is ever so and so's food unless it's someone's left overs and they're willing to share it with others in the house. I will model by getting something to eat and then offering some to the kids. I'll remind them of their the "pls, thank you & your welcome" responses.
        4dana Johnson
        manners my kids will not be without them they get in time out. Kindness of course
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