Posh and Plus size

I am not small, most would consider me plus sized at a size 18. Now at this size you would expect lots of baggy, loos clothes that don't accentuate the figure, right?


You can be beautiful, plus sized and a sexy thang all wrapped up into one. That's right, don't be shocked mommas. A bigger woman can dress nicely for her size instead of trying to hide everything under layers of clothing.

Depending on your style, you can shop at Torrid, Lane Bryant, Old Navy or any number of stores and find comfortable, nice fitting clothing. Don't buy it just because you think you need to hide your body. Look at your body and decide what you want to accentuate and dress according to that.

Do you have killer legs? Show them off? Do you have a nice chest? Wear a flattering (not low cut, class still applies) top. How about a nice butt or hips? Don't hide that with super long shirts!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I admire your confidence, but I just don't have that. I struggle to find things that I like on me. I still have $125 in Kohl's gift cards to spend on myself but kind of think it will be spent on the children.
      Thanks ladies. I wouldn't say it is confidence. It's more of a hate for our societies standards of beauty. We are ALL beautiful and none of us should feel the need to look like airbrushed perfection like we see on magazine covers. THOSE models don't even look like that.

      Instead we come in all shapes, sizes and colors of perfection. The sooner we embrace that then the closer we are to getting rid of unrealistic beauty.
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