Teething issue

Does it happen when your baby is teething she just won't let go of you ? My daughter is sleeping in my arms since two nights. I can see her teeth coming out and I know it's hurting but she won't even go to her dad. That's new! I have never heard her cry out so much, she loves playing with her dad but right mommy is all she wants and I am getting no space or time to do anything.

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      I know how you feel, My daughter is getting her canines in so she's been a little cranky at times.
      Yea, She was sleeping maybe getting up once in the night, now it's 3 times or more for the last week, She has her 2 bottom teeth but her canines on top are poking through. I've been rubbing ob teething gel and nursing her back to sleep but I have to hold her for a bit before laying her down.