Should teachers be paid more?

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Should teachers be paid more? The average salary for a teacher nationally is 36k starting out. I am going to include a link about that. By the time a teacher retires that might be at 45k as a national average.

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    No. In oregon they get paid pretty well. An average of about 50,000 to 55,000 a year. And every year they go on strike to get more. Plus if you work in a school for a certain amount of time here in oregon you are eligable to have all or a large portion of you student loans paid for.
    That being said...if you are wanting to be a teacher you know what you are getting into. You shouldn't be in it to get rich. If you don't think your family can survive doing it then you find a career that you can enjoy while making more money...or you love within the means of what a teacher makes. I have always wanted to go I school to get into social work, knowing full well that I would not make a ton of money. It would be something I would deal with to be doing something that I enjoy.
    Now I DO think that they need to have their supplies...well...supplied! I think it's awful that some schools make teachers pay for their basic supplies.
    It's pretty low. There are some higher areas but not bad. We moved here because we could and are renting a 3 bedroom house for half of what our tiny 1 bedroom apartment was in california. SO much cheaper!
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    I think they should have like a certain amount every year for supplies and a reasonable amount. But like here 50-55,000 IS a high paying job. Now places like California need to step it up.
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