Yup that was his issue

So after watching logan closely i now know he was not sick.
See last night(my time) just before bed time logan opened the baby gate while i was in bathroom. I heard his footsteps. I walked back into the kitchen where i left my half can of soda on kitchen table(out of reach). I went to drink it but it was gone.
Not thinking anything of it i tucked the kids in bed. But logan wouldnt unwind. He was up and bouncing off walls until 10pm if not later before finally crashing. He also had dirreah.
I figured since my can of cola was half empty, his hyperness and dirreah he drank my soda i had left.
So this morning he was very sluggish, had no apitite and was not eating much. He even took a morning nap around his quite time, and he took his afternoon nap. Around 4pm he started to come back to life but still sluggish.
Conclusion. Logan drank my soda the night before, which caused tummy pains, dirreah and caffine high. This all equlled a bad nights rest. The bad night rest equalled to his sluggish sick acting way all day today.
So tonight when i laid him down he just hit the pillow and was perty much out.
So logan was not sick after all.

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