life lessons foryour teenage children.

I have a son that just graduated high school in one of texas's best school districts. But what gets me, my son doesnt know how to write a check or keep up with a checkbook. He doesnt even know how to pump gas, make agrocery list , or how to clean a home or make a meal . So im asking other than home economics or other classes like it ,shouldnt they teach high school kids a class called life lessons or something like it? This class would teach them how to dress in the real world and how to do an interview and fill out applications for jobs. Teach them how to open a checking and savings account, how to do all those things necessary for real life. I think they should. Now keep in mind that my son is coming from a broken home. We are divorced and have been for sometime. He lived with his Dad full time so he could go to a great school in a great school district. His Dad didnt teach him any of this. I thought he was teaching him these things. So now that he is out of high school, i have been teaching him to write a check ,to keep up with the checkbook register and receipts. Taught him about pumping gas. Green gas pump handle means diesel and only use unleaded full only. Things like that. Life lessons. What is your opinion about this?

    I definitely agree that school should be teaching about taxes and bank accounts and credit cards and such. Although my parents taught me about how to pump gas, dress appropriately and how to do an interview well. I'm not saying every parent should do this, it's just what my parents did.
      I try to teach him things like that,always have about the clothes and saving money. But i agree both parents should be teaching their child things like that. So i started to teach him things like the checkbook and register and bank statements and paying bills, grocery list. He didnt realize until the other day ,just how much goes into running a household. He does now. I think he has a new respect for me now.
        They should, but the often don't. My high school's financial aid class ONLY focused on the stock market, and no one passed it. We never learned to write a check, but my mom works at a bank so I already knew how. As for Home Ec, we mostly learned how to cook scrambled eggs and small things like that or food we wouldn't wanna eat on our own, anyway since our teacher was a vegetarian and that's the kind of stuff she taught us to cook. We did learn to sew, though. I don't see the point in a checkbook anymore, really, since we do all of our stuff online and haven't had to use a check in years and cash almost never. My step dad had to teach me about gas, though.

        Schools and parents probably should do more, though. I'll admit that my husband and I were unprepared for adult life, but we had been thrown into the deep and and we figured it out.
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