Article: Bye bye Bassinet

This article is about a mama who came face to face with putting her baby in her own little room. Seeing as were close to doing this with Lucas, it seemed very relevant to me haha. She said she had a little trouble the first night and that she had gotten so used to baby being in her room. Lucas has been in our room this whole time! I think I'm going to like having the room back to just me and David again haha.

Did any of you mama's have a hard time the first night baby was in their own room?

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      I kept waking up to check on Nina our first night here, since this is the first time Nina's had her own room, but she was fine each time. Now I just keep her door open and baby-gated firmly at night and my door open, too, so I can hear if anything goes wrong, since her room is right across from mine pretty much. We never used a bassinet, she was in her crib from day 1 and never had a problem with it, and now with her Toddler bed, she's still adjusting to the freedom of it but she likes it. I didn't cry or anything with her new room, I just kept peeking in to check on her.
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