Help for eating too much food--children and adults

I don't have a kid who eats too much food, but I have certainly had phases myself of eating too much food. Put me in front of a pack of loaded baked potato Hot Pocket bites (donno if they still make them) and I will eat the whole family size bag. I think a serving is like three or something... Same with chips and dip. Potato soup... Basically anything that has potatoes and dairy, really, lol. I know a lot of women who struggle with sugar. Not so for me. I like cheese and carbs and try to stay vigilant about it.

What helps me stay on top of it...

Having healthy “grazing” snacks readily available. I like to munch while I work and will absent-mindedly eat whatever's beside me. While staying mindful of food may be an ideal, I do it, and I know other people do it too, so filling my space with delicious, nutritious foods helps. If I have to work for it, I'm probably not going to eat it. For the longest time I'd go to the store with great intentions and buy veggies to snack on. And in the fridge they'd remain because I'd take a five minute break and grab whatever was readily available (ahem, Hot Pockets)

BUT... if when I got home from the store I sliced those babies up and put them on a platter.. I'd snack on them a ton. So, for me, the key is having it ready... No more effort than is necessary, no deliberating, no “I should eat healthy but...” It's already there, no excuses.

Instead of chips have nuts, sunflower seeds (these are a favorite of mine while working.. can just absent mindedly eat them and still don't manage to consume much but lots of flavor. I like Dill Pickle Big's) I also get on popcorn kicks. Especially if you get some that's not loaded with butter, popcorn is actually pretty darn healthy. I imagine even more so if you have one of those air-pop things. Kids generally like popcorn too, right?

Maybe one of those popcorn tins you put on the stove. I thought those were SO cool when I was a kid, lol.

Drinking a glass of water before every meal. Double duty... hydration and fills you or your kid up! I know for me it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between hunger and thirst, as ridiculous as that sounds. Sometimes drinking a big glass of water makes my “hunger” go away long after the water has gone through my system.

Using smaller plates. Normal portion will look bigger and everyone ends up eating less. I always want to fill up a big plate. I also like those plates that have lines for portions.. Instead of paying the money for 'em though, I'd just go to the Dollar Tree or similar everything's-a-dollar store and get cheap plates then pick up a Sharpie pen that's meant for slick materials and is food safe (got mine at Michael's) Then you can draw on your portions using a picture for reference, bake them, have plates to help and a cool pen you can use for other stuff (hello, mama's new wine glass which you can also get at the dollar store to decorate) for less than the store-bought portion plates.

You could even have your kid sign his or her plate to make eating proper portions fun, special, crafty, and engaging.

What do you do to help when your kid is eating too much food?

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