I quit my job yesterday....

I couldn't take it anymore. My boss was too rude and awful to work with and I told him I had had enough. And walked out. Yes I was making good money. Yes I had great hours. But sometimes, it's not worth it. So finally, I just said no more.

So I'll be job hunting. I'm a little bummed because I was really planning on keeping this job until I found a job in Florida in a couple years, but oh well. I'll find something else and in the mean time, I'll work on spending time with myself, my family and my daughter. I'm not going to live a stressful life just because I'm unemployed. I'll manage.

On the bright side though, my family and I are going on a small vacation the weekend of the 4th to Holland, Michigan! I'm very excited for that :-D

    Good for you! Hopefully it won't take long for you to find something new. I put up with my boss for 5 years and he was an awful employer and person. He made a lot of terrible comments to me and treated his employees like crap. The only reason I stuck it out was for my family. Then when I was pregnant with my son I got "fired" for something that didn't make any sense. My fiance went in to talk to my boss about me keeping my job and he started bringing up things that had to do with me and my fiance's relationship and how he was a better man than him for being with a girl like me. I am so glad to be free of a place like that even though I miss working and making money. Its so much stress and drama that I did not need in my life.
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