To harsh of punishment

So i took haiden to school and let logan sleep in as he still was sleeping and my husband was home.
I came home and woke logan up and got him dressed. Gave him his breakfast. Well he decided to smash his food in his mouth and spit it out on my floor.
I told him cuz of that he wont get snack at snack time if thats how he wants to eat. I dont feel like dealing with more spitting food on floor cuz he decides to not eat nice.

    Well i did it ladies. I didnt give in to him. Vincent had his snack and while vince was eating logan was crying and saying he was hungry. I ignored him. Finally it was quite time and he had it in his mind that he couldnt walk. I said ok well i guess i need to carry you as u cant walk. I picked him up and carried him to his room. He was mad. He then said i am hungry. I told him i am
    Sorry but maybe u should of ate breakfast instead of spitting it on the floor then you wouldnt be hungry and could of had a snack. I shut the door.
    Sometimes that's just how you have to handle things. I don't think it's too harsh or mean.
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