No Nap-Time?

Uh oh...this past week, Nina has been fighting nap time. She gets out of bed constantly, and cries at the baby gate. So I've been putting her in her playpen, and she's fine with being in there with a few toys, in her room with a movie going softly. Movie or not, toys or not, bottle or not, playpen or not, no matter what I do, she's fighting nap time more and more. This makes me a little sad...her nap time was my "Me" time during the day. It was my 1-2 hour break in between taking care of her all day, so I could get some extra exercise, or nap, or just sit and hang out online for a while. She's only 14 months old! I'm not ready for the naps to stop yet! She doesn't understand the concept of "Quiet Time" either, but I still put her in there every day at her usual Nap Time, in an effort to at least have some time to myself before her bedtime. I might just leave it as quiet time, if she won't nap, so I can keep some peace of mind and get some cleaning or relaxation or inside exercise done without having to worry about what she's getting into or getting in my way. If she doesn't nap, she gets tired earlier than her bedtime (which is 8:45-9pm atm), so I might just start making it into quiet time and have her go to bed earlier...

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