Mr impossible

My husband is being mr impossible today. I am about to scream and lose my cool with him.
He slept in until 10am. I make him lunch. He has played a video game sincr he has been up.
When i tell him i want to go to town and use some coupons before they expire, and stamps, and food he shuts me down. I also tell him i need to develope two more pics for his dad and grandma who get bigger sizes as i forgot those. He goes there is no money to spend as he has to pay a dental bill. He has been saying this for 2 weeks now on this bill but yet has not been paid.
I tell him gee we have no snack food no milk, no bread so i need to get that stuff. I need to get stamps to mail his best friends pic of vincent and his grandma. He is then complaining about the damn pic of how bad of lighting it is(i agree but it had to get done) as its in house. When i took pics he had a scrape on his cheek, he told me to wait a week and retake them so i did but the weather outside has been raining, cloudy or foggy so i had no choice and i am not a professional.
So now we cant get what we need as he is being impossible

    Well after he went outside. He came back and said can we talk. I said fine.
    Well he said ok can you understand i work so hard for money and when unexpected bills come up it makes me mad. I then told him look i am sorry i am not making money right now( little boy i watch is only in fall during school and that money i earn and use for gas, school, food). I am trying to find another child to watch to help out as much as i can, but its not easy.
    He then said get what u need but try not spend over 80 dollars.
    So i left with my list in hand. Went to walmart and spent 64.62 on things i needed. I went to dollar store and used my 15 in cash for extra stuff.
    I call him and tell him and he said wow u didnt go over 80 dollars.
    I said nope. So only 64.62 got on our account.
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