Killing baby fever

I was done after my son, realistically. I had a tubal ligation and felt very sure of my choice.

I think most of us go through a desire for one more at least once even when we are so sure about being done. I get that twinge too, but it's not anything that I really want.

What I do is remind myself WHY I stopped when I did. My reasons were financial mostly, I wanted to stop at a point where I felt comfortable with being able to afford things that I wanted for my kids and being able to have a lifestyle that I wanted to give them. I have never regretted it.

The only twinge I get is thinking about the what if's, and I just don't indulge those any more.

How do you deal with baby fever?

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    I occasionally get it, even though I -know- we are not ready for another right now. We're fine, financially right now, but another baby would definitely make things, mentally? Just no. Not with Trevor being deployed right now, with the . A couple months ago we thought I might be pregnant again, but it was just irregularities caused by my birth control...I was relieved, but sad at the same time lol!
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