My doctor told me we need to cut down to having sex every other day...instead of everyday...the release has been helping me sleep...last night it took me 3 hrs to Im getting off meds to prepare to conceive and the changes have been changing my sleeping sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst...THE absolute worst is my cousin who is only 18 and been with he bf on and off like breaking up everyday for 6 months is 2 or 3 months along...everything is just stressing me out...sorry just needed to vent

    Aww I am sorry you are having a hard time right now. I have issues with sleeping too. Have you tried to do some light exercise about 5 hours before bedtime?

    I always heard having sex every other day when trying to conceive was best because it takes about 48 hours for sperm to fully develop and have the best ability to swim.
      Aww I'm sorry you are struggling. It's always the most deserving it seems that have this struggle and then people who really shouldn't be parents pop out one after another. I really hope you guys get what you are hoping for.
        I know that having sex every day is not good for conceiving because of men's physiology, not because of sleeping issues... What's wrong with your sleeping? Do you have insomnia? I love to sleep with open windows, it helps me to sleep less and feel better.
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