Will my menstruation be different after having a baby

This is one big difference I've noticed after having Charlie. I knew things might be weird once my body got used to regulating itself again. The biggest difference I've noticed is that my cramping is not nearly as bad as it was before I had a baby. Cramps used to put me out for days. The "I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom, watch tv, eat whatever I want and DO NOT TALK TO ME.. unless I need to cuddle" type of thing.

I've had 3 normal monthly cycles since Charlie was born 6 months ago and the cramping hasn't been nearly as bad. It's still no picnic, but I can function at least.

Did you ladies notice any changes after having a baby?

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      My cycle changed completely. I used to get bad cramps (BAD) and could always tell when I'd be getting my period. Now, I often have zero warning and really have to track the dates. As I've said before, I've ruined a few nice pairs of pants before I learned this lesson properly :-) The first period I got after each child was also INSANELY heavy - to the point that I was wondering how much I could possibly bleed, maybe b/c I breastfed and so didn't get a period for quite a while.
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