Today's poop post.

I love this site and it's members because I can come here and talk about poop and everyone gets it.

Charlie was nice to me today. He decided to poop while daddy was home for lunch so I got to skip it. Woohoo!

So I'm sitting on the couch, laptop on my lap posting away.. fan turns on high (normal when daddy changes poopy diapers).. the usual pep talk ensues.. (hey there stinky pete.. man.. you aren't very nice to me, etc).. and I look over.. lol and Charlie is on his stomach trying to get away, daddy has him by his feet and the look on his face just sends me over the edge. So.. it was a big one, got some poo on his onesie. He asks if I want him dressed.. I tell him top drawer. He comes back and puts Charlie on the couch next to me and his clothes are on backwards.

I laughed so hard.

"They should put a B for back or something!"..
"um.. the tag.. goes in the back."
"my shirts button down the front why are his in the back?"
(I muttered something snarky here.. was laughing too hard)

I love it. I don't understand how this man can rebuild an engine. He can build a house. But the onesie gets him every time.

lol just had to share.. sigh.. I love this life :)

    That's great! I love the poop stories. Lol oh men and baby clothes! Hahaha
      Hahaha that is awesome! It would be funny if you took one of his onesies and stitched a B on the back and gave it to Ed as a gag gift!
      If you do it, you should pot a picture!!
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