i got really sick

i started running a fever and was throwing up for a couple days. the fever went away but the throwing up part stayed till i was about 18 weeks. some smells still made me throw up throughout my entire pregnancy though, like garlic

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    8Theresa Gould
    That's rough. I was the sickest with my fourth and smells got to me too, especially meat. :( I didn't really throw up, just felt sick.
      see I worked as a hostess at a hibachi place at the time and the lead server was a douche. he asked me to clean his tables even though a busser was already doing it. I walked over there, turned around and went to the bathroom and puked. lets just say i stayed in the front away from everything for the rest of the time i worked there. (by the way, they used heaping spoonfuls of garlic in every meal)
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