Does your toddler stay in bed all night? And how do you get them to stay in bed? What do you do to get them to stay in bed?

My son is three years old and has been in a toddler bed for about 6-9 months now. Ever since he got his toddler bed he keeps getting out of bed when we put him down for the night. He is always coming up with excuses and doesn't want to sleep in his bed. 1) How do I get him to stay in bed? 2) What techniques do you use to get him to stay in bed?

    8Theresa Gould
    That was always tough. I only used a toddler bed with our first and she was notorious for getting out. I worried about night time and her falling down the stairs so we had a child safety knob on her door to keep her safe. Other than giving her some books to look at and trying other incentives, as long as she stayed in her room, I didn't worry so much about her getting out of bed.
    we have tried night lights and he says that it is too scary because of the shadows on the walls from his toys.He is always making excuses to get out of bed, like I did poopie in my diaper or I want more milk. Dont know what else to do. We have told him that if he stays in bed then he can go to the park or he can get a new train.But the latter would make us really broke really fast.
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