Should insurance for dental and vision be included in all plans?

I never really understood why most insurances offer a plan with no dental or vision. Our eyes and teeth are important! Should it be mandatory, by law somehow, for insurance companies to offer dental and vision benefits?

Lol my job at Steak N Shake gave very, very, very basic, so basic I might as well have not even had it. Subway didn't offer any at all, probably because it was privately owned. Our insurance now, through the military, is only good really if you use Military Hospitals, lol, and I loathe those. I've contemplated getting better insurance several times. Especially since most of our benefits only benefit Trevor, and mostly only as a medical emergency. My glasses had to be paid out of pocket, and if we need a dentist visit, I shudder to think what that'd cost.
Oh my goodness! I think it is the dumbest thing on the face of the earth that employers have to supply health insurance! Everyone thinks I'm crazy! But its like why just because I work there do they have to pay for my health insurance? Am I too stupid to know where else to look for it? Of course Obama thinks we are and that he gave us too many options! Oh poo I better stop now before I loose my mind! Lol
I think insurance companies should just have it as standard practice to include dental and vision.
    8Theresa Gould
    We had good dental and health insurance before 2005, after that it went downhill. I can't remember if we ever had vision but I agree it should be included. We have SEVEN people in glasses here!
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