Ever since I had Nina, and especially now that I've stopped taking my birth control pills for now since Trevor's deployed and there's no need to until he gets back, I've noticed a certain time each month where I just feel...off. An unpleasant sort of "off". This might be somewhat TMI...I dunno.

Almost a PMS-ey sort of "off". I get moody, easily angered, tired constantly, and there are these uncomfortable twinges and tweaks of tiny pain in my side and lower regions. The worst part -to me, anyway (my husband definitely disagrees and says it's the best part >.>) is that I have a waaaay increased sex drive...normally, I don't even have one at all, whereas my husband is ALWAYS freakin ready. I'm not saying it's bad with him or anything, I'm just used to not caring either way about it so it's reaaaallly annoying when this happens lol!

I talked to my doctor, and he suggested tracking when it was I ovulate...I didn't even know what that was until he said it. Each time I feel "off" I was doing this annoying ovulating thing. Yet another thing my mom "forgot" to tell me about being a woman.

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    Hey I was like thirty something and had not much of a clue about these things...didn't have any need to know lol but there are apps that let you track your period and tell you roughly when you are ovulating so you can prepare for the storm so to speak lol
    We called it the "special" time you could get pregnant. I had no clue what it was really called. My husband taught me a lot of what I know...then I went and looked it up for myself casue I was like "I should probably know more than him about this!" Lol it is very embarrassing.
      Haha weird enough and probably TMI I am ovulating now. I can always tell. I get the same thing and always get a spike in my sex drive when its going on. That's how I know when to expect my period each month without actually tracking. I always feel the same when I ovulate and then I know I have 2 weeks left. LOL
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