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hi i am new on here and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on planning a pregnancy?? me and my fiance have been together for two years now and we are both ready to have children but the problem is we have been trying for the last 8 months and nothing i am really trying to do this naturally but now i am getting scared that i may not be able to conceive we dont use any type of protection and i have gone off birth control for about a year now i dont want to go to a dr because im afraid of what they will tell me....does anyone have any tips that could help or any advise would be welcomed thanks

    Hello Nae!
    It is scary,since we fear the unknown......... but don't be afraid. Go to the dr. For some firm answers. My birth control is Implanon good for 3 years and were considering removal early. Upon my last visit I was informed that this specific birth control doesn't create a delay in fertility as many others take an average of a year before fertility occurs.
    On another note, my cousin is facing the same struggles but it's been a couple years. The last dr. Visit was for hubby to see if it's him. Well, his lifestyle needs to be changed some. He's not the leap theist of eaters being on the go all the time and he's a smoker since his teen years and he's in his 40s. Still has lil swimmers they just aren't very strong. His count isn't low.
    Don't be afraid and just remember we are all here and you aren't alone. Lots of awesome Mama's here that you can always turn to. Big hugs :-)
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