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I had my check up yesterday, the ultra sound tech said the baby could be around 8 pounds when he is born and that he is a very healthy baby. That being said she got a shot of the baby with his legs stretched over his head. She also said if he doesn't flip before I deliver they might have to do a c- section. Did anyone else have this happen and what where somethings you did to try and move the baby?

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    I was told laying on your back with pillows under the pelvic would help... I just tried that and felt all the blood rushing to my head lol
      I just checked how far along you are. My doctor never talked to me about the baby position needing to be a certain way. This is my first. She did state upper 8 lbs for me. The doula I met with told me that rubbing peppermint oil on the top of your belly makes babies move the other way. For some reason they don't like the peppermint oil. Also, playing music and placing head phones in the area where you want the baby to move will help give baby direction as to where you want him/her. I was also told there's a certain massage on the belly to help position baby; sounds like it would be done through a professional, I think...
        Stand facing you bed and lean over so your belly is parallel with the floor. This will help your baby roll.
          Thanks girls, I really want a natural birth but I will just relax until later in time.
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          Hi, my boyfriend and I have recently found out we are having a baby, a little unexpected but now that it is becoming reality we are very excited!