Tick Tock! The 2 Week Wait!

Moms.. this article probably hits home to SO many of you.. the 2 week wait, in which you can check if you indeed have that little bun cooking in the oven.. it's SO stressful, consuming, exciting, terrifying.. all rolled into YOUR HEAD AND HEART.. right? It is.

In this article they list 9 tips to help you get through those 2 weeks before you can tip toe into the bathroom, wait another TWO minutes and know some crazy fate :)

I think I did #2 and #5 the most :)

What about you??


    The 2WW was most definitely torture for me. We were trying to get pregnant for five and a half years, including several rounds of fertility treatments, so I am extremely familiar and have tried all of the coping methods mentioned with varying success. Ironically, it was only in this last 2WW that I was finally able to convince myself that I was not pregnant at all (Tip #9) and therefore not really think about it much. And of course - I'm now pregnant -- with twins!
      I experienced this for many, many months, years....that towards the end, I grew impatient and negative. I had to stop social media altogether because of the heart ache I felt when friends did move on from engagement to marriage to what?! She's pregnant already???? Erik was going out of town, and I can't remember if we waited until he got back to test or tested just before he left... I was expecting disappointment and to my astonishment, a very faint 2nd line that I thought was lint. LOL

      I did #1 and #6 A LOT. The month before I got pregnant I joined a site for women with infertility issues, and I had a good cry each time I was on the forum.
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