Advice for breastfeeding and losing weight

My best advice for breastfeeding is to stick with it no matter what and don't ever seriously think about quitting. a couple weeks after I started I got a yeast infection and mastitis in both breasts and trust me, I wanted to quit so badly. but I got through it(: also, breastfeeding really does help. So does a good diet and exercise though. Don't ever do sit ups because it works the wrong parts of your stomach and will make you look worse. instead do crunches and alternate between bringing your right elbow to your left knee and your left elbow to your right knee. Running is also very good. But this picture was of me just before I was cleared to work out (6 weeks 4 days post c-section) so breastfeeding really does help the pounds just melt off (I gained over 50 lbs while pregnant by the way) but good luck with both!

Advice for breastfeeding and losing weight
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