Supplementing and breastfed Babes

I don't think it's a good idea. It will lead to nipple confusion in some, or some kids won't even take a breast after having milk in a bottle because bottles are easier. It will dry up your supply, too. The more demand, the more milk you produce. There are foods to increase milk supply if you think you are low. Babies are supposed to eat A LOT. They have tiny tummies and breastmilk digests fast. A lot of breastfed babies eat constantly those first few weeks, when they hit a growth spurt they eat constantly-they need the calories to grow. So if they are eating constantly, it may not mean you aren't producing enough. Listen for the swallowing, watch how they are nursing, if they aren't getting any milk the sucks are shorter.

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    Yes, I agree. Everybody needs to do what's right for them. I didn't mean it to sound demeaning if it does. I've had many problems breastfeeding, too.
      If you have to, you have to. I'm glad you ladies didn't have problems with supplementing. Personally, I did.
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