Sibling 2...

I just... I just.. Oh I am so glad I'm not closer to my brother!!! GAH!!!! I am not an irresponsible parent. If I had any inkling at all that my oldest was exposed I would have said something. Of course, if I did and her grandma took her to summer school it still would have been my fault. GAHH!!!!!! He is NOT going to scare me out of staying away. He does not control me. That boob of a jerk can explain to my four year old why he can't see his cousin.

    He is now telling me my kids that have pox now are contagious up to a month after.. I told him to have the doctor email me the sources behind that because I can't find that anywhere.
      Apparently-according to the CDC website-when you get the vaccine you are contagious up to a month. Whereas the virus you are only contagious for two weeks typically. Interesting.
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