ok jealousy freak out

I just found out my friend who is getting married in sept...is 13 weeks along ...im so happy for her but so jealous so so jealous

    Ah hon. I'll tell you a short story :)

    When I was married to my ex he got a vasectomy reversal so that we could have kids. After 2 years with no luck I finally gave up hope of having kids and I crashed HARD about it. I stopped hanging out with anyone who had a kid. Wouldn't watch movies about kids. I would just send my friends gifts for their kids birthdays. I didn't want to see them, know they existed.. PERIOD!

    It was a January. Six of my friends found out they were pregnant. Count them.


    Years later I left the ex. 2 years after that I met my current boyfriend. 8 weeks later we found out we were pregnant and 6 months ago we had our first child, Charlie.

    Jealousy does nothing. It never got me my kid. Be happy for your friend, she needs that from you.
      I love her to death and am so happy for her...I know she deserves this and will be a great mom...I don't wish for her not to be pregnant...I just wish i was too...I have another friend who has her second kid on the way and he 18month old is like blood to me....i spend more time with the 2 of them then her fiancé....I just want it to be my turn
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