So... Aside from the mortgage for the house that Ed bought us last year, he owns everything he has. And he has a lot. Being a bachelor for so long with no kids or wife has allowed him to earn money and spend as he pleased.

Which is the reason that if, God forbid, anything happened with us. I would walk away with what I came into things with. I know a lot of people who would demand 50%. Not me. So it only made sense that I did ask him one day how he felt about prenups and if he would want to sign one. He of course said no.

I do have friends that have done them. They were in their late 30's and 40's, already had children of their own and wanted to make sure that what they worked for still went to their own children and not the new spouse.

How do you feel about prenups? Would you sign one?

    It wasn't my first choice but we have a prenup. It was the most responsible thing to do to protect my husband's assets. How we have things set up is that we maintain everything we came into the relationship with. However, I gain 2% of the value of our house for every year we are married. I seemed unfair to me if we divorced 10 years from now, especially if I wasn't the one to file, that I wouldn't have gained any of the life we built together.
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